I knew from the moment that I found out that I was expecting that I wanted to attempt to have a natural birth. After doing some extensive research, I decided to hire a doula to assist with my birth. My husband and I met Kelly at a “Meet the Doulas” event.  We interviewed several women that night, each with a different perspective and personality. My husband and I realized that it was a decision of huge proportions to share this sacred moment in our lives with someone we had just met.  I thought we would never agree on the right person for us. However, after we returned to our car that evening, we turned to each other and simultaneously blurted out, “Kelly!” I could not have known at that moment the incredible decision we had just made. Kelly was a friend, a mom, and a doula all wrapped in one. She was available morning or night and was always patient and reassuring. She even accompanied me to one of my doctor’s appointments to ensure that my medical team understood my birth plan. She was committed to helping me have the birth I wanted, and I never once felt pressured or nervous. Even my skeptical husband fell in love with Kelly and admitted that he was so thankful to have her to guide us through this experience. As a first time mom, I really cannot describe the peace I felt knowing that Kelly was going to assist me through this whole new world. Her wonderful personality, incredible sense of humor, and confidence in what she does were so reassuring to me that I did not have any fear when the moment came to deliver my baby. Kelly is extremely knowledgeable in her field and has so many natural “tricks” that she shared with us. So much so, that my husband affectionately refers to her as “The Wizard.” Thanks to Kelly and all the time she spent preparing me for the moment I would bring my son into the world, my birthing experience was incredible. I was able to deliver naturally without any interventions; and so very much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed giving birth! I cannot recommend any person more highly than I do Kelly Googe. We have become life-long friends, and no matter where life may take us, she will be the doula at all of my future births!